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Idioms: Intransitive Verbs with Prepositions

In the following examples, the verbs are intransitive because objects do not follow them. These verbs are used with words such as in, into, over, and across. Such words are called prepositions: unlike particles, they can be separated from the verbs by adverbs (e.g. They completely believe in it.)

You should understand these expressions, know other ways of saying the same thing, and know which of these synonyms to use in a particular context. You can learn a lot about an idiom if you look at the context of its use. Try to guess the meaning of each idiom as it is used in the following sentences. Then, click on any idiom for complete explanations and examples, but be aware that these expressions may have other meanings not listed here. Remember: you can use Word Neighbors to find out how frequently any expression is used in English.

1. I believe in my wife because she always opens up to me and shows her love.

2. When I graduate from college, I’d like to go into nursing and health services as a full-time career.

3. Right before a test, you should run over your notes briefly to refresh your memory.

4. I was very surprised when I ran across Joe, an old friend I had forgotten, in the supermarket.

5. The TV news can only touch on several daily events; it can’t examine them deeply.

6. Many athletes were trying for first place in the race, but only one of them could stand out as the winner.

7. When children need to open up about their problems, they should be able to turn to their parents.

8. The two hikers, lost in the desert, soon went through their entire supply of water.

9. Although Mike was terrible as a teenager, he has turned into a mature adult.

10. He tried to change my mind for over an hour, but I stuck to my own opinion.

11. I was quite sad about my friend’s death, but slowly I got over it.

12. If you go without a TV in your home, you will save a lot of valuable time.

13. Because he moved from a house into a small apartment with no backyard, he had to part with his dog.

14. The bill for all of my grocery purchases came to twenty dollars.

15. In both physical appearance and personality, John takes after his father


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