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Idioms: Transitive Verbs with Particles and Prepositions

The idioms below activity formed with a transitive verb + particle + preposition.

You should understand these expressions, know other ways of saying the same thing, and know which of these synonyms to use in a particular context. You can learn a lot about an idiom if you look at the context of its use. Try to guess the meaning of each idiom as it is used in the following sentences. Then, click on any idiom for complete explanations and examples, but be aware that these expressions may have other meanings not listed here. Remember: you can use Word Neighbors to find out how frequently any expression is used in English.

1. At first he stuck to his own opinion stubbornly, but finally we brought him around to our way of thinking.

2. For a long time my friend didn’t trust me with his secret, but eventually he let me in on it.

3. Mr. Jones looked forward to the day when he could turn his business over to his son.

4. I need a lot of money if I want to take a year off from work in order to travel, so each month I’m setting $100 aside for this purpose.

5. He wanted to go into the matter in more detail, so he asked if he could talk it over with me the following week.

6. I knew almost nothing about the proposed project, so I asked my secretary to filled me in on the important facts.

7. The speaker only touched briefly on the main points, so I couldn’t get much out of the talk.

8. Since I had no authority to approve his plans; I asked him to take it up with the president before he proceeded.

9. Many men don’t really care much about where they live, and they often leave it up to their wives to find a place.

10. Because she couldn’t hold back her anger any longer, she decided to have it out with her boyfriend.


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