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Idioms: Transitive Verbs with Prepositions (Type II)

The idioms below are composed of a transitive verb + a preposition. However, the objects of these nouns are fixed and cannot change (i.e., You can keep an eye on someone, but the meaning changes if you try to keep a foot on him.).

You should understand these expressions, know other ways of saying the same thing, and know which of these synonyms to use in a particular context. You can learn a lot about an idiom if you look at the context of its use. Try to guess the meaning of each idiom as it is used in the following sentences. Then, click on any idiom for complete explanations and examples, but be aware that these idioms may have other meanings not listed here. Remember: you can use Word Neighbors to find out how frequently any expression is used in English.

1. You should try to take advantage of every opportunity to carry on conversations in English.

2. I’ve lost track of my wallet; can you help me find it?

3. While my mother went to the store, I kept an eye on my younger brother.

4. At first he couldn’t decide what to say, but finally he took a stand on and refused to act unethically.

5. Because I was late for the meeting, I made a point of apologizing to the clients.

6. I find that the more I listen to non-native speakers of English, the better I am at making sense of their accents.

7. I take strong exception whenever anyone tries to jeopardize the quality of my work.

8. It’s easy to find fault with others and to overlook one’s own shortcomings.

9. People frequently joke about romance, but it’s often not wise to make light of another person’s emotions.

10. If you learn to delegate, you may be surprised: others quickly learn to take charge and are often very reliable.


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