Conditional and Unreal Past

26 Ene

Today, we will study Conditional and Unreal  Past  

   In English we can express three important ideas with if
1- Likely or Probable

2- Unlikely or improbable

3- Impossible

So: Likely or probable 

Main clauseFuture ;  if …. Present   .
He will come if  you call him.
It means : something will happen if a certain  condition is fullfilled.

***Like clauses begining with Whenas soon as “, etc. “ Ifclausesalso have  no “ shall / will / would / shouldin them.

So: Unlikely or improbable 

Main clauseConditional ;  if …. Past   .


He would  come if  you called him.

It means : The probable result of a  certain  condition that we suppose  or imagen .

*** The “ ifclause “ is not taking place at this moment , but I can imagine the probable result. We inlude here all the Unreal Ifs “, Like:

If you were a fish, the cat wouldn’t  eat you.

So: “Impossible  

Main clauseConditional  perfect ;  if …. Past  perfect   .


He would  have come if  you  had called him.

It means :  He didn’t come ! Why ? Because you didn’t call him. .

*** All number three types are impossible  ideas, because we know  the condition was not fullfilled , but  we like to imagen the result  if ……….


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