6 Feb


One way to increase your vocabulary is to learn to reoganize and to use prefixes.

A prefix: is one or two more syllables palced in front of  a root word to change the meaning of the root

Prefix         root                   new word

Dis          +   appear     =          disappear

Re            +  appear     =          reappear

Pre          +   appear     =          preappear

Some prefixes have a single, unchanging meaning.

Prefixes Having a Single Meaning

Prefix                Meaning                Example

Bene-                  good                       benefit

Circum             around               circumscribe

Equi                   equal                     equidisntat

Extra-                  outside          extracurricular

Intra                   within             intrastate

Intro                  into                  intospect

Prefix                Meaning                Example

Mal –                   bad                       maltreat

Mis-                    wrong                   misspell

Non –                    not                      nonworking  

Pre –                    before                  predawn

Sub –          under or below              subzero


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