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claims; claimed; claim·ing

27 Nov
1claim Listen to audio/ˈkleɪm/ verb

claims; claimed; claim·ing

[+ obj1 : to say that (something) is true when some people may say it is not true 
 The man claimed (that) he was a long-lost relative

 They claim (that) the drug prevents hair loss.
 She claims (that) the landlord owes her money. — often followed by to + verb 

 He claims to knownothing about the robbery.  He claims to be an expert.

2 a : to say that you have (something) 

 He claims a connection to British royalty.  The organization claims 10,000 members.  He claimedignorance of the robbery. [=he said that he had no knowledge about the robbery] 

b : to say that (something) belongs to you or that you deserve (something) 

 The terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attack.  New Yorkers proudly claim the artist as one of their own.  Both of them claimed credit for the idea.  No one ever claimed authorship for the poem.