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London 2012 Olympics Lessons

3 Ago

London 2012 Olympics Lessons:

So the Olympics are here. I love the Games. Also love the fact that David Bowie and the Sex Pistols got TWO songs each featured in the quirky Opening Ceremony.
Anyway, here are eight lessons on the Olympics from my archives. Seven of them have 9 to 13-page printable handouts, an MP3 and online quizzes.
London to host 2012 Olympics

When the news first broke in 2005.
Egypt’s Olympic Athletes Given Fake Equipment

A news story on some unhappy athletes having to buy their own equipment after being fakes by their national Olympics committee.
Olympic Security CEO Admits “Shambles”

News on the failure of G4S (the company paid to provide the security) to find enough security guards – 7,000 fewer than promised!
Olympic Officials Probe Ticket Scandal

Shock, horror – a problem with ticketing and corruption.
London 2012 Olympics Opened

An easier news lesson on the fantastic Opening Ceremony.
2012 Olympics to Be Greenest Ever

Another easier story on London’s Games and sustainability.
20 Questions on the Olympics

Classroom handouts for Students A and B.
60-second listening

On your marks, get set…… listen.

And then do all the vocab, reading, speaking and writing activities.
Hope you like these lessons. Please write and tell me how they went in your class.