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verbs taking ‘a’ with an infinitive:-

12 Jun

 The following is a list of the more commonly used verbs taking ‘a’ with an infinitive:-

Abandonarse a
To give oneself up to
Autorizar a
To authorise to
Acostumbrarse a
To get used to
Aventurarse a
To venture to
Animar a
To encourage to
Ayudar a
To help to
Aplicarse a
To apply oneself to
Comprometerse a
To undertake to
Aspirar a
To aspire to
Condenar a
To condemn to
Atreverse a
To dare to
Decidirse a
to decide to
Dedicarse a
To do (career)
Obligar a
To oblige to
Detenerse a
To stop to
Oponerse a
To object to
Disponerse a
To get ready to
Pararse a
To stop to
Enviar a
To send to
Persuadir a
To persuade to
Exponerse a
To expose oneself to
Prepararse a
To prepare to
Forzar a
To force to
Quedarse a
To remain to
Incitar a
To incite to
Reducir a
To reduce to
Inducir a
To induce to
Renunciar a
To renounce
Invitar a
To invite to
Resignarse a
To resign oneself to
Limitarse a
To limit oneself to
Resistirse a
To resist
Llegar a
To succeed in
Resolverse a
To resolve to
Negarse a
To refuse to
Volver a
To do again