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Vocabulary Building: household jobs: do or make?

27 Dic

Vocabulary Building: household jobs: do or make?

To write or talk about jobs in the home, you can use such phrases as wash the dishesclean the kitchen floorset the table, etc. In conversation, the verb do is often used instead: Let me do the dishes. Michael said he would do the kitchen floor. It’s your turn to do the bathroom.Do is often used with nouns ending -ingto do the shopping/cleaning/ironing/vacuuming

The verb make is used especially in the phrase make the beds and when you are talking about preparing or cooking food: He makes a great lasagna. I’ll make breakfast while you take a shower. You can also say get ready and fix for preparing meals: Can you get dinner ready while I put the kids to bed? Sit down — I’ll fix supper for you.
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