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Watch Online TV Series in English and Improve your English

23 Dic

Watch Online TV Series in English and Improve your English:
Antonina, we know that you are a teacher of English and you have an amazing youtube

project. Can you tell us more about your backgrounds?

I was born in a teeny tiny town in the Urals – Nevyansk. At school the level of English teaching was downright low, but I started learning the language extremely intensively when I was 13, when my father made up his mind to learn English and got me and my sister involved too! He did a really great job, we studied for 3 to 4 hours a day, can you imagine? But it did the trick!
And by the time I finished school I started considering linguistics as a career. However I had to pull up many trees to enter the University. I graduated from the Ural Federal University and my specialty is “Linguist. Translator”. I have been working as an English teacher for a long time, I tried working at a linguistic school, at a university, but came to the conclusion that private practice is the best choice for me, as I have my own strong beliefs of how the teaching process should be.

Antonina, can you tell our readers about your project?
I have been considering TV series as a teaching material for a long time, and of course I am not the only of the first to do so, but I decided to develop my own system and create a video project. Analyzing TV series can be much more fun than doing the same with books and it is more useful as you practice listening too! My video lessons consist of three parts – a quick overview of the episode, questions (I ask them and answer) and then goes my favourite part – useful language. So it is a good idea to arm yourself with patience as the candy has the nicest aftertaste.
To make your studies with my lessons more fruitful, don’t forget to get involved – retell the episode, answer the questions yourself before listening to my answers, give examples with the phrases I analyze.

What feedback do you get to your videos?
The feedback is mainly positive, I read a lot of thankful comments and compliments and that warms my heart so much! However there’s still a blot on the landscape, some people are being really critical lately and actually it’s not so bad for me, as I’m being reminded all the time – there is always some space for improvement. Although some criticism doesn’t seem to have a leg to stand on – there’s no exact useful information, just groundless claims, which does not help at all.
Most critics tell on my Russian accent, and of course I am aware of it and moreover I don’t feel ashamed, because it points out my background and I am proud of being Russian! And after all, the accent is not so outrageously distinct, though I realize there is some work to do.

How do you imagine the future of your project?
New ideas keep coming into my mind, for instance not so long ago I decided to launch a new branch – Series English Grammar (the name speaks for itself), and another one is on the way – Series English Stories (discussing interesting stories about the actors and the series). At present I base my lessons on the “How I met your mother” series, but in my private lessons I embrace much more and as for the project itself – soon I’m planning to start working with another one – I created a vote in my group, so far TBBT wins.

Who is your target audience?
My target audience is people of any social background, sex and almost any age, except for small kids, but I’m planning to start working with cartoon series so it is going to be changed soon. If you are interested in this or that series – you are welcome, I’ll be very glad to be of some help! BTW the level of English is supposed to be rather high – intermediate and higher.
Why more and more teachers shoot video lessons?
I can’t answer for all the teachers but I can assume that their motives can be similar to mine – firstly I enjoy the process of watching, analyzing; secondly I improve myself preparing the material; thirdly – it is very challenging and rewarding and finally it is a good add of me as a teacher.

Teacher of English,

What to your mind will happen to English teaching process?
The teaching process develops gradually, new techniques and strategies pop up like mushrooms, and our job as teachers is to keep up. I believe that computer technologies are going to play a dominating role in language study – presentations, videos, virtual classrooms are getting more and more popular, as for teaching by skype, it also develops by leaps and bounds and I find it very convenient.
Can you give some recommendations to our students on how movies can help them study

Any video material is of great use, for visualization helps to remember language material much quicker than just articles or audios, so watching films, cartoons, series, news etc is a good idea anyway. By watching you can pick up new vocabulary, grammatical structures, improve your listening and even pronunciation, so do not hesitate – play and English film and enjoy all the benefits. Providing you find it too difficult to understand the video, try something you have watched a thousand times in your native language.